Medicaid Expansions

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HA-Issues In Health Reform: How Changes In Eligibility May Move Millions Back And Forth Between Medicaid And Insurance Exchanges

Mar 2011

This Health Affairs article lays out the issues changes in eligibility may have on individuals whose incomes flucuate throughout the year.


KFF-State Budgets Under Federal Health Reform: The Extent and Causes of Variations in Estimated Impacts

Mar 2011

A Kaiser Family Foundation analysis on the potential costs and savings that the ACA could generate for state budgets that are currently in a shortfall after the recession.


Hilltop -- Overcoming Interagency Data‐Sharing Barriers:  Lessons from the Maryland Kids First Act

Mar 2011

This issue brief provides an overview of strategies used to identify uninsured children who are eligible for public insurance programs.


Urban/RWJF/SCI -- Health Reform Across the States: Increased Ins Coverage and Federal Spending on the Exchanges and Medicaid

Mar 2011

A new report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation estimates the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on states, in particular the increases in insurance coverage, subsidies in the exchanges, Medicaid enrollment and federal spending.


CMWF -- Affordable Care Act Sets Nation on Right Course for Health Reform, Experts Say

Mar 2011

More than nine of 10 leaders in health and health care policy believe the Affordable Care Act sets the right course for health reform, according to a new survey by the Commonwealth Fund.

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