Medicaid Expansions

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KFF-The New Rules for Determining Income Under Medicaid in 2014

Jun 2011

An issue brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation explains the new rules governing the way that states determine eligibility for Medicaid and CHIP under health reform, and specifically the changes in how income and household size are defined in order to determine eligibility for those programs as well as for the Exchange premium credits.


ECC-ACA's Effects on Maintaining Health Coverage and Jobs: A Review of the Health Care Law's Regulatory Burden-Hearing

Jun 2011

The Subcommittee on Health has scheduled a hearing on Thursday, June 2, 2011. The hearing is entitled “PPACA’s Effects on Maintaining Health Coverage and Jobs: A Review of the Health Care Law’s Regulatory Burden.”


NYSHF/UHF-Coordinating Medicaid and the Exchange in New York State

Jun 2011

To achieve seamlessness between Medicaid and the state health benefit exchange, the author has outlined five key areas that state policymakers need to coordinate when setting up New York's exchange.


CMWF-Young Adults Staying Covered under ACA Provision

May 2011

New findings from the 2010 Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey indicate the need for covering more young adults.


CMWF-States' Role in Promoting Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records

May 2011

This issue discusses the responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges for state Medicaid agencies in implementing programs to encourage providers to adopt electronic health records, focusing on the Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Program.


NM/HA-Telehealth Project for Chronically Ill in Underserved Areas

May 2011

New Mexico' s telehealth Project ECHO (Extension for Community Health Care Outcomes) could become a national model for serving chronically ill patients in underserved areas.


AFHR-Keeping Coverage Continuous: Smoothing the Path between Medicaid and the Exchange

May 2011

May 20, 2011 the Alliance for Health Reform held a briefing on how to manage the "churning" of individuals in and out of public programs so that care is not interrupted.


WI-Family Care Program Enrollment Caps

May 2011

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has proposed limits on enrollment for the Family Care program that services the elderly and disabled as one way to fill a projected state budget shortfall of $3 billion.


UI-Implementing National Health Reform: A Five-Part Strategy for Reaching the Eligible Uninsured

May 2011

Historically health care insurance programs have fallen short of enrollment goals. This issue brief outlines five strategies policymakers could utilize to ensure successful enrollment when the insurance coverage expands in 2014 under the ACA.

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