Issue Briefs and Reports

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SCI-Global and Episodic Bundling: An Overview and Considerations for Medicaid

Apr 2011

This brief describes global and episodic bundling and outlines considerations for state Medicaid agencies when evaluating potential implementation, including the relevance of these strategies for Medicaid agencies employing managed care strategies.


SCI/SHADAC -- Health Insurance Exchanges - How Economic and Financial Modeling Can Support State Implementation

Nov 2010

This brief discusses the issues that states will face in making decisions about how to structure health insurance exchanges and health insurance markets.


How States Can Be Successful in Leading Health Care Delivery System Reform

Dec 2011

This report examines the experience of 8 states (Colorado, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington) that recently pursued cost containment, quality improvement and payment reforms. The report offers insight into what can make reform efforts successful at the state level, as well as the types of barriers that can prevent progress.


Webinar: Communicating the Value of Health Programs During Tough Economic Times

Apr 2011

SCI and GMMB presented steps for developing messages to reach target audiences, research on current messages related to health reform and the economy, and tips of the trade to help adapt messages to your state’s political environment.


Health Reform Update Webinar

Apr 2011

SCI held a discussion on the current status of national health reform and its potential impact on the states.


The Role of the Health Insurance Exchange

Apr 2011

This webinar provided an overview of the potential role of a health insurance exchange, state-specific issues that should be considered before establishing an exchange, and the different ways in which an exchange might be structured and operated.


Implementing State Health Reform: Lessons for Policymakers

Apr 2011

Join SCI for a Webinar to discuss the major findings of the new released report, Implementing State Health Reform: Lessons for Policymakers, and hear directly from officials from Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin – regarding their experiences and lessons learned as well as potential implications should federal health reform pass.


Value Based Purchasing and Consumer Engagement Strategies in State Employee Health Plans

Apr 2011

Value-Based Purchasing and Consumer Engagement Strategies in State Employee Health Plans, a SCI report written by Bailit Purchasing, LLC, is a purchaser guide that lays out concise descriptions of two principal means for improving the value that states can gain through administering State Employee Health Plans (SEHPs): value-based purchasing and consumer engagement. 


Technical Assistance Call to Help Prepare Your Exchange Planning Grant Applications

Apr 2011

The State Coverage Initiatives (SCI) hosted a technical assistance conference call that focused on assisting states in completing the application and providing submission information for the State Planning and Establishment Grants for the exchanges outlined in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


SCI Webinar: State Funding Opportunities in Federal Reform

Apr 2011

State Coverage Initiatives partnered with experts at Health Management Associates (HMA) to bring you a webinar that will answer your questions about ACA funding opportunities related to delivery system reform, Medicare and Medicaid, workforce development, insurance reform, and prevention and wellness. 

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