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SCI/SHADAC -- Health Insurance Exchanges - How Economic and Financial Modeling Can Support State Implementation

Nov 2010

This brief discusses the issues that states will face in making decisions about how to structure health insurance exchanges and health insurance markets.


NCSL-The 2011 State Legislators’ Check List for Health Reform Implementation

Mar 2011

The National Conference of State Legislatures' (NCSL) has created a new state legislators' check list for health reform implementation.


KFF-Reconciliation of Advance Payments for Health Insurance Subsidies

Mar 2011

The KFF report outlines how advanced payment for health insurance subsidies will work under the ACA and examines issues related to potential tax liability for individuals whose income might change during the year.


KFF-State Budgets Under Federal Health Reform: The Extent and Causes of Variations in Estimated Impacts

Mar 2011

A Kaiser Family Foundation analysis on the potential costs and savings that the ACA could generate for state budgets that are currently in a shortfall after the recession.


Kaiser Permanente -- A Few Cautions About Exchanges

Mar 2011

Alain Enthoven writes in an article for Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy about the state health insurance exchanges.


Hilltop -- Overcoming Interagency Data‐Sharing Barriers:  Lessons from the Maryland Kids First Act

Mar 2011

This issue brief provides an overview of strategies used to identify uninsured children who are eligible for public insurance programs.


Urban Institute -- Employer-Sponsored Insurance under Health Reform: Reports of Its Demise Are Premature

Mar 2011

This report estimates how the Affordable Care Act would affect employer-sponsored insurance and employer health care costs.


Urban Institute -- Health Reform: A Four-Tranche System

Mar 2011

This package of tables considers interactions between four different provisions of government support for health care that exist under the new health reform law: Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance Subsidies offered through the Exchange, and Employer Sponsored Insurance (ESI).

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