State Specific Strategies

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NCSL-State Reports and Research: Federal Health Reform Implementation

Mar 2011

States are developing strategies, timelines and action plans for implementing the ACA as well as conducting analysis on the impact that the law will have on state programs and budgets.


NCSL-2010 State Actions to Implement Federal Health Reform

Mar 2011

A summary of the many state legislatures and governors that are setting up the infrastructure for implementing the new federal health reform law.


NCSL-The 2011 State Legislators’ Check List for Health Reform Implementation

Mar 2011

The National Conference of State Legislatures' (NCSL) has created a new state legislators' check list for health reform implementation.


KFF-State Budgets Under Federal Health Reform: The Extent and Causes of Variations in Estimated Impacts

Mar 2011

A Kaiser Family Foundation analysis on the potential costs and savings that the ACA could generate for state budgets that are currently in a shortfall after the recession.


NY- Health Affairs, A Health Plan Spurs Transformation Of Primary Care Practices Into Better-Paid Medical Homes

Mar 2011

Capital District Physicians' Health Plan, located in upstate New York, introdiced a risk-adjusted capitated payment model in three pilot provider practices to establish patient-centered medical homes.


VT- Health Affairs, Vermont’s Blueprint For Medical Homes, Community Health Teams, and Better Health at Lower Cost

Mar 2011

The Vermont Blueprint for Health is a statewide public-private initiative aimed at transforming health care delivery, improving health outcomes, and enabling the citizens of Vermont to recieve seemless, coordinated care.


Illinois State Specific Strategies

Three-Share – Illinois has several “three-share” models, designed by local community groups, that combine contributions from the employer, the employee, and some community

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