Medicaid Expansions

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CA-Strategies to Navigate Health Care Challenges

May 2011

CaliforniaHealthline asked experts and stakeholders to weigh in and offer suggestions to mitigate the ever growing health care challenges for California's local and state governments.


CHRT-Guide to State Requirements and Policy Choices in the Affordable Care Act

May 2011

The Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation (CHRT) at the University of Michigan released a brief summarizing major requirements and policy choices for states between now and 2014.


NYSHF-Making Public Health Insurance Programs Work Better: Partnering with The NY State Department of Health To Reform Medicaid

Apr 2011

New York State Health Foundation funded a series of analyses to help the New York State Department of Health's Office of Health Insurance Programs find ways to streamline and expand its public health insurance programs.


KFF-Medicaid Policy Options for Meeting the Needs of Adults with Mental Illness under the ACA

Apr 2011

This KFF report highlights key Medicaid policy opportunities and challenges related to states' decisions about designing benefits, structuring service delivery and conducting outreach and enrollment for the mental health population.


KFF-Federal Core Requirements And State Options In Medicaid: Current Policies And Key Issues

Apr 2011

This issue brief gives an overview of the current Medicaid program framework and outlines key issues regarding the balance between federal standards and state options.


TX-Senate Passes Medicaid Savings Bill

Apr 2011

The Texas Senate approved a Medicaid savings bill (S.B. 23) on April 28, 2011.


KFF/CSHSC-Physician Willingness and Resources to Serve More Medicaid Patients: Perspectives from Primary Care Physicians

Apr 2011

The brief analyzes data from a CSCHS nationally representative survey of physicians to assess which adult-care PCPs are most likely to respond to health reform’s changes by serving additional Medicaid beneficiaries.


AARP-The High Cost of Capping Federal Medicaid Funding

Apr 2011

Some policymakers have recommended the use of block grants (or other capped funding arrangements) to limit federal Medicaid spending and give states more flexibility within their Medicaid programs.


CMWF-Realizing Health Reform’s Potential: Will the Affordable Care Act Make Health Insurance Affordable?

Apr 2011

This issue brief explores whether the subsidies available through the Affordable Care Act are enough to make health insurance affordable for low-income families.

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