Insurance Exchanges

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NASHP-Health Insurance Exchange Basics

Mar 2011

The purpose of this brief is to set forth the major requirements for state health insurance exchanges as described in the Affordable Care Act.


CMWF-Health Insurance Exchanges: State Roles in Selecting Health Plans and Avoiding Adverse Selection

Mar 2011

The Commonwealth Fund's States in Action focuses on the role of the exchanges in selecting helath plans for inside the exhange while avoiding adverse selection.


KFF-Reconciliation of Advance Payments for Health Insurance Subsidies

Mar 2011

The KFF report outlines how advanced payment for health insurance subsidies will work under the ACA and examines issues related to potential tax liability for individuals whose income might change during the year.


NHPF -- Self-Insurance and the Potential Effects of Health Reform on the Small-Group Market

Mar 2011

This paper examines the definition and prevalence of self-insured health plans, the application of PPACA provisions to these plans, and
the possible effects on the broader health insurance market, should many more employers decide to self-insure.


Kaiser Permanente -- A Few Cautions About Exchanges

Mar 2011

Alain Enthoven writes in an article for Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy about the state health insurance exchanges.


Urban Institute -- Employer-Sponsored Insurance under Health Reform: Reports of Its Demise Are Premature

Mar 2011

This report estimates how the Affordable Care Act would affect employer-sponsored insurance and employer health care costs.


Urban Institute -- Health Reform: A Four-Tranche System

Mar 2011

This package of tables considers interactions between four different provisions of government support for health care that exist under the new health reform law: Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance Subsidies offered through the Exchange, and Employer Sponsored Insurance (ESI).


Urban/RWJF/SCI -- Health Reform Across the States: Increased Ins Coverage and Federal Spending on the Exchanges and Medicaid

Mar 2011

A new report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation estimates the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on states, in particular the increases in insurance coverage, subsidies in the exchanges, Medicaid enrollment and federal spending.


CMWF -- Affordable Care Act Sets Nation on Right Course for Health Reform, Experts Say

Mar 2011

More than nine of 10 leaders in health and health care policy believe the Affordable Care Act sets the right course for health reform, according to a new survey by the Commonwealth Fund.


IL -- Health Care Reform Implementation Council Initial Recommendations

Jan 2011

In response to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, on July 29, 2010, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn issued Executive Order 2010-12 establishing the Healthcare Reform Implementation Council.

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