Insurance Exchanges

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DOL-Essential Health Benefits Survey

Apr 2011

The Labor Department released its survey to help HHS determine what is an "essential benefit" which will determine what insurers will have to cover in the state exchanges. The study mainly looked at large employer benefits.


The Role of the Health Insurance Exchange

Apr 2011

This webinar provided an overview of the potential role of a health insurance exchange, state-specific issues that should be considered before establishing an exchange, and the different ways in which an exchange might be structured and operated.


CA-April 20, 2011 California Health Benefit Exchange Board Meeting

Apr 2011

The California Health Benefit Exchange had their first board meeting on April 20, 2011.


SCI-Wisconsin's Exchange Website Prototype Webinar

Dec 2010

On December 21, 2010, State Coverage Initiatives hosted a webinar  that allowed states to view a ground-breaking prototype website developed by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) to support one-stop eligibility determination for their Medicaid and exchange populations. The webinar also covered key policy and design issues related to exchange eligibility and enrollment.


SCI-State Approaches to Health Benefit Exchange Legislation

Apr 2011

Many states are working to develop exchange authorizing legislation by the end of this legislative session. State Coverage Initiatives (SCI) hosted an opportunity to hear from three of those states: Maryland, Missouri, and Nevada.


KFF-Exchange Enrollee Profile

Apr 2011

Enrolless in the state health benefit exchanges are likely to be older, less educated, more racially diverse, and less healthy than people with insurance outside the exchanges, according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation.


RWJF/UI-Multi-State Health Insurance Exchanges

Apr 2011

The ACA allows two or more states to come together and create a health insurance exchange. This brief examines why states might consider a multi-state exchange and the issues surrounding doing so.


MD-Exchange Legislation Signed by Governor

Apr 2011

Maryland is currently the third state to sign legislation to create a health  benefit exchange.


NC-Senate Approves Health Information Exchange Legislation

Apr 2011

North Carolina Senate has approved S.B.375 and it now heads to the House for its consideration. The bill will provide a legal framework for the state to voluntarily set up health information exchanges.


CA-Health Benefit Exchange Website

Apr 2011

California's state health benefit exchange website.

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