Insurance Exchanges

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GU-The Massachusetts and Utah Health Insurance Exchanges: Lessons Learned

Apr 2011

Georgetown University Health Policy Institute researchers examined three key areas of the Massachusetts and Utah exhanges: the quality and choice of plans, the affordabiltiy of coverage, and the ease of enrollment. The researchers gathered selected "lessons learned" from both exchanges.


MS-State Health Exchange Brief

Apr 2011

Outlines the issues and decision points facing states when creating a health insurance exchange. It is the third in a series of policy briefs addressing the impact of health care reform in the state.


MT-Introduced Exchange Legislation

Mar 2011

Montana has legislation that would establish a quasi-governmental entity with a board appointed by the governor and affirmed by the state Senate. 


DC-Exchange Legislation

Mar 2011

The District of Columbia health insurance exchange enabling legislation.


VA-Exchange Legislation

Mar 2011

The Virginia legislature passed legislation that states an “intent to establish” an exchange. It charges the governor with bringing recommendations, in consultation with stakeholders and the public, to the legislature for the 2012 legislative session.


WV-Introduced Exchange Legislation

Mar 2011

The West Virginia legislature passed a bill on March 12, 2011 that would place the exchange within the Department of Insurance, though still “supervised and controlled” by a board.


RI-Introduced Exchange Legislation

Mar 2011

The Rhode Island Senate president has introduced legislation that would create a quasi-public entity that will be subject to the Rhode Island procurement laws and open meeting standards.


KFF-A Profile of Health Insurance Exchange Enrollees

Mar 2011

This report highlights key characteristics of the state health insurance exchange population, based on Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates of the effects of Affordable Care Act on insurance coverage, to help federal and state policymakers and other researchers make informed decisions regarding how to structure the Exchanges to meet the healthcare needs of individuals across the country.


HR GPS-State Health Insurance Exchange Navigators

Mar 2011

This brief gives a background of state health insurance exchange navigators, changes made by the Affordable Care Act, key implementation dates and key issues surrounding the topic.

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