CA-April 20, 2011 California Health Benefit Exchange Board Meeting

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The California Health Benefit Exchange had their first board meeting on April 20, 2011. Meeting highlights:

  • Secretary of Health and Human Services Diana Dooley was elected Interim Chair of the Board;
  • The Board voted to apply for the Level II Federal Exchange Establishment Grant, with a goal of submitting on or before a September 30, 2011 submission date;
  • The Board created a subcommittee to work with staff on the grant application, and to appoint Kim Belshe to that subcommittee, with room for an additional appointment;
  • In closed session, the Board voted to extend a contract offer for the Interim Administrative Officer to perform administrative duties until the search for an Executive Office is complete, to Pat Powers. They also approved a resolution delegating responsibilities to the Interim Administrative Officer, including working with stakeholders;
  • The Board created a Search and Recruitment subcommittee and appointed Paul Fearer and Diana Dooley to it;
  • They also adopted a meeting schedule for the rest of the year.

View the meeting materials here.