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January 2014 St@teside

Technical Assistance Available for Creating Healthcare Quality Measure Sets

Expert advice in selecting measures for regional, state and local healthcare quality measurement and improvement initiatives is now available to state agencies and local or regional initiatives from Buying Value, a private purchaser-led initiative formed in 2011 to advance value-based purchasing in healthcare. Buying Value works with federal and state agencies, healthcare quality collaboratives, providers, health plans, purchasers and consumer organizations on strategies to improve the alignment of measures while also encouraging measure innovation and respecting the needs/priorities of different stakeholders.

Under a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Buying Value is contracting with Bailit Health Purchasing to provide consultation on measure selection to state agencies and local or regional initiatives. The Bailit firm has extensive experience in advising state agencies on measure choice and use. For work on this project, Bailit will be assisted by staff from the National Quality Forum (NQF).

The technical assistance is part of a Buying Value set of strategies that aim to significantly improve alignment through collaborative work among local and national agencies/organizations charged with creating healthcare quality measure sets.

This new phase of Buying Value’s work follows its September report (Issue brief; PowerPoint presentation) that shows widespread lack of measure alignment within states and across states and regional quality improvement coalitions. Such lack of alignment places a significant burden on providers, purchasers, consumers, and payers that slows the pace of quality improvement.

To access this technical assistance, please contact Michael Bailit at (781) 453-1166 or