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April 2014 St@teside

Join the Global Community to Improve Health System Performance

The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) is a vibrant network of practitioners and policymakers from around the globe that come together in multilateral workshops, collaboratives, and virtual dialogues to exchange experiences and test new ideas to advance progress on implementation challenges that many countries and states face, such as expanding coverage to target populations, increasing access to and use of primary care, provider payment reform, improving quality of care, and IT systems to support coverage expansions.

While formally focused on bringing together officials from countries abroad, the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) is now opening membership to individual U.S. states. By expanding membership, the JLN seeks to increase its impact by equipping a diverse global audience with experiential knowledge that can catalyze improvements to health system performance around the world.

The JLN is accepting applications for two types of membership: Associate members and Learning Laboratory members. The deadline for applications is May 31, 2014. To apply, click here.

For additional background on the JLN, please visit the web site or watch one of the JLN videos:

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