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April 2014 St@teside

Medicaid Medical Directors Network Sheds Light on Best Practices for Network-Based Quality Improvement Projects

In 2007, a multi-state network of Medicaid Medical Directors (MMD) began conducting studies focused on improving the quality of care for Medicaid populations. Projects in the MMD multi-state network address high-priority clinical issues in Medicaid and impact quality of care through sharing of data and policies among states. Further, these studies contribute not only to high-quality, cost-effective health care for Medicaid beneficiaries, but also add to our knowledge of network-based research.

A new publication highlights the methodological journey of the three quality studies conducted to date, highlighting lessons learned from the work of this unique, multi-state collaborative and providing recommendations for future network-based projects. This paper not only explores methods for collecting and analyzing data (administrative and claims data in this case), but also addresses methods in a broader sense. This broader view of methods encompasses organizing and managing the research process, and making choices and compromises necessary for network-based projects designed to improve health care quality.

To learn more please see this new eGEMs publication, Medicaid Medical Directors Quality Improvement Studies: A Case Study of Evolving Methods for a Research Network.