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November/December 2013 St@teside

State Responses to POTUS "Transitional Policy" Announcement on Cancellations

Three weeks ago President Obama announced a transitional policy on insurance plan cancellations that allowed states to permit the renewal of non-ACA compliant policies into 2015.  This shift in policy has allowed many states to reassess their strategies and policies on early renewals and cancellations. America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) has mapped states’ decisions on coverage extensions. As of December 4, 20 states have stated that they will allow policy extensions, 21 states, including the District of Columbia, have decided to not allow extensions, and 10 states’ positions remain unclear or undecided. However, there are a number of states who already decided to allow early renewal of existing plans, which gave individuals the option to keep their existing plans, even if they do not meet the ACA’s standards, through 2014. States allowing early renewals tended to be less impacted by policy cancellations.

For additional information on the President’s transitional policy announcement and the impact on the states, check-out these resources: