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April 2012 St@teside

Health Reform Resources

SCI keeps the Federal Reform Resources Web page ( up-to-date with the most recent information from the states, the federal government, and health policy organizations in an effort to guide our readers through the health reform implementation process. We know there are several places to go for the latest health reform resources, and we thank you for using SCI as one of your trusted sources. Here are some of the most recent resources that can be found on our Federal Reform page:

Insurance Market Reforms:

Analysis on HHS Final Rules on Reinsurance, Risk Corridors, and Risk Adjustment
Wakely Consulting Group
This brief gives a summary of HHS final rules on reinsurance, risk corridors, and risk adjustment from Wakely Consulting Group. The brief also provides a summary on how the final rules differ from the July 2011 proposed rules.

Estimating the Impact of the Medical Loss Ratio Rule: A State-by-State Analysis
The Commonwealth Fund
This issue brief from The Commonwealth Fund estimates the rebates expected in each state if the new medical loss ratio (MLR) rules had been in effect a year earlier. According to the report, consumers would have received about $2 billion in rebates if health care reform’s new MLR requirements had been in effect in 2010.

Insurance Exchanges:

Maryland: High Level Roadmap for Level II Grant Application
Maryland Health Benefit Exchange
Maryland's Health Benefit Exchange has created a high level timeline to prepare the state's Level II exchange funding grant application. The deadline to apply is June 30, 2012.

North Carolina: Draft Report on Education, Outreach, Navigators, and Enrollment Assistance
North Carolina Health Benefit Exchange Workgroup
The North Carolina Health Benefit Exchange workgroup created a subcommittee to consider education and outreach efforts; training for nonprofits and other groups who can refer individuals to appropriate assistance; navigator training, certification, compensation and accountability; the role of agents and brokers; and how to create the “no wrong door” eligibility and enrollment process. This report gives draft recommendations from the subcommittee to the full committee.

Vermont Statewide Survey on the Health Benefit Exchange
The Department of Vermont Health Access
The Department of Vermont Health Access released the results of a statewide telephone survey conducted between March 17-25, 2012, to solicit views on the state's forthcoming health insurance exchange. The survey results will be used to plan the state's navigator program and marketing campaign for the exchange.


State Budget Woes: Revenue Declines, Not Medicaid Spending, are to Blame
Georgetown University Center for Children and Families
This report examines the decline in state revenues and changes in Medicaid spending during the last two recessions to look more closely at what has been driving state budget deficits.

Governors' Budgets for FY 2013 -- What is Proposed for Medicaid?
Kaiser Family Foundation
This report provides Medicaid highlights from governors’ proposed state budgets for FY 2013, which starts July 1, 2012 for most states.

Strategic Planning and Timelines:

ACA Implementation—Monitoring and Tracking Series: Colorado and New York
Urban Institute
These are the fourth and fifth state-specific reports in a series of 10 from the Urban Institute to track and monitor the implementation process and effects of the ACA. These reports look at the progress underway in Colorado and New York.

Delivery System Reform:

A Conversation About Health Care Costs
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation
With the help of six national health care experts, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation's 2011 annual report explores how to tame rising health care costs. The Foundation asked Governor Deval Patrick, Don Berwick, Deborah Enos, Jeff Levin-Scherz, Rick Lord, and Kate Walsh to talk with each other about the most promising solutions.

Fostering State Policy to Support Integrated Delivery Systems: Summary of a Discussion Among State Policymakers
National Academy for State Health Policy
This report addresses the potential of integrated delivery systems and effective state policy options to encourage changes in delivery systems.