High-Risk Pools

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Healthcare.gov -- At Risk: Pre-Existing Conditions Could Affect 1 in 2 Americans

Feb 2011

According to a new analysis by the Department of Health and Human Services, 50 to 129 million (19 to 50 percent of) non-elderly Americans have some type of pre-existing health condition.


KFF -- The Uninsured: A Primer

Dec 2010

The number of nonelderly uninsured grew to 50.0 million due to the recent recession, which contributed to the continued erosion of job-based coverage.  As incomes dropped more qualified for Medicaid, buffering the loss of health insurance for millions.


Illinois HRP

Illinois’ high risk pool, the Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (ICHIP), became operational in 1989. To

Louisiana HRP

The Louisiana Health Plan, Louisiana’s high risk pool and HIPAA pools, became operational in 1992 and is

Utah HRP

In 1991, the state established the Uta

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