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Oregon's Coordinated Care Organization Webiste

Oct 2011

Oregon Health Authority website for the state's Coordinated Care Organizations initiative.


Refocusing Responsibility For Dual Eligibles: Why Medicare Should Take The Lead

Oct 2011

This report examines cost and quality issues associated with the 9 million individuals who receive health care benefits from both Medicare and Medicaid (dual eligibles).


Roadmap to a High-Value Health System: Addressing California’s Healthcare Affordability Crisis

Oct 2011

The Bay Area Council has released a report, “Roadmap to a High-Value Health System.” The report looks at several ways California can drive down costs and improve care while implementing the Affordable Care Act. Key aspects include: Focusing on health outcomes, building a successful exchange, financially rewarding high-value care and effectively engaging consumers.


Ensuring Equity: A Post-Reform Framework to Achieve High Performance Health Care for Vulnerable Populations

Oct 2011

This report from The Commonwealth Fund Commission on a High Performance Health System examines the problems facing vulnerable populations and offers a framework for moving forward.


IOM Report: Essential Health Benefits

Oct 2011

The essential health benefits package specifies the services that all Qualified Health Plans will be required to cover if they are to participate in any state’s health insurance exchange.


Medicaid Managed Care State Report

Sep 2011

This report provides state-level overview of how Medicaid is managed and strategies for improving access to care, quality of care and accountability.


Medicaid Supplemental Payments: Where Do They Fit in Payment Reform?

Aug 2011

Supplemental payments are a critical source of revenue to hospitals, especially safety-net hospitals. Yet because they are often disconnected from the specific services provided to specific patients, and thereby delinked from the efficiency or quality of the care provided, supplemental payments may in fact run counter to broader value-based purchasing efforts.


Jobs and Economic Security for Rural America

Aug 2011

The White House report highlights that the keys to improving health for rural communities are to recruit physicians and make better health technologies available.


CMWF-U.S. Physician Practices Spend Nearly Four Times as Much Money Interacting with Health Plans & Payers

Aug 2011

U.S. health care practices spend nearly $83,000 annually per physician on administrative costs, nearly four times as much as Canadian practices.

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