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Dispelling Myths About Emergency Department Use: Majority of Medicaid Visits Are for Urgent or More Serious Symptoms

Jul 2012

According to a new national study by the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC), the majority of emergency department (ED) visits by nonelderly Medicaid patients are for symptoms suggesting urgent or more serious medical problems rather than for routine care.This research brief highlights that there are clearly opportunities to develop less-costly care options than emergency departments for both nonelderly Medicaid and privately insured patients.


Lessons in Linking After-Hours Care to Primary Care

Jun 2012

The study, “After-Hours Care and its Coordination with Primary Care in the U.S.,” by the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC) published online in The Journal of General Internal Medicine (JGIM) identified five models of after-hours care coordinated with primary care.


Checklist for High-Value Health Care

Jun 2012

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and 11 health systems have developed a checklist to help health systems provide high-value health care — better results with lower costs


Early Lessons from Pennsylvania's SMI Innovations Project for Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health in Medicaid

Jun 2012

This brief by the Center for Health Care Strategies describes the two-year pilot programs in Southeast and Southwest Pennsylvania and gives preliminary findings based on an analysis of key informant interviews and performance measures.


Coordinating Care for Adults With Complex Care Needs in the Patient-Centered Medical Home: Challenges and Solutions

May 2012

This white paper for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality explores the current landscape of PCMH services for patients with complex needs. It details five programs that have addressed the challenges of caring for these patients, and offers programmatic and policy changes that can help smaller practices better deliver services to all patients, including those with the most complex health needs.


Rhode Island Payment and Delivery Reform Workgroup Report

Apr 2012

A report from the Rhode Island Healthcare Commission's Payment and Delivery Reform work group.


Fostering State Policy to Support Integrated Delivery Systems: Summary of a Discussion Among State Policymakers

Apr 2012

This report addresses the potential of integrated delivery systems and effective state policy options to encourage changes in that direction.


A Conversation About Health Care Costs

Apr 2012

With the help of six, national health care experts, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation's 2011 annual report explores how to tame rising health care costs.


Health Care Costs and Spending in Massachusetts: A Review of the Evidence

Mar 2012

This chart pack pulls together many of the major findings and analyses from recent state and national research efforts on Massachusetts health care spending.


Premium Incentives to Drive Wellness in the Workplace: A Review of the Issues and Recommendations for Policymakers

Mar 2012

In this paper, Georgetown University researchers discuss the phenomenon of employers increasingly turning to workplace wellness initiatives to curb rising health care costs and the growing prevalence of chronic conditions.

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