Delivery System Redesign

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How States Can Be Successful in Leading Health Care Delivery System Reform

Dec 2011

This report examines the experience of 8 states (Colorado, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington) that recently pursued cost containment, quality improvement and payment reforms. The report offers insight into what can make reform efforts successful at the state level, as well as the types of barriers that can prevent progress.


Using Data to Drive State Improvement in Enrollment and Retention Performance

Nov 2011

This report by Maximizing Enrollment and Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., is set of 12 core performance measures for enrollment and retention that states can use to monitor enrollment and retention policies under the ACA.


Utah Preliminary Annual Report of Health System Reform Task Force

Nov 2011

The Utah Health System Reform Task Force of the State Legislature's  preliminary annual report, which includes details on implementation of Utah-based reform; how to respond to the ACA; and cost containment initiatives.



Behavioral Economics Roundtable on Diabetes: Summary Report

Nov 2011

This American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation  report examines how behavioral economics can address the social and environmental nature of diabetes.


States, Primary Care and Health Centers: Fostering Delivery System Changes

Nov 2011

This report frames key issues, themes and recommendations that emerged from a forum of state and federal officials, primary care offices and associations, and other key stakeholders for states and health centers to support effective delivery system models providing integrated care for vulnerable populations.


Price Variation in Massachusetts Health Care Services

Nov 2011

This report examines prices that private health plans paid for high-volume inpatient hospital services, outpatient hospital services, and physician and other professional services, finding significant price variation for every service.


Building Electronic Information-Sharing Systems to Support Care Coordination in Illinois

Nov 2011

This brief focuses on electronic information-sharing systems that Illinois is building or adapting to improve care coordination for children with or at risk of developmental delays.


The State of Young America: Economic Barriers to the American Dream

Nov 2011

This report from the Young Invincibles and DEMOS found that the rate of full-time workers between 18 and 24 years old with employer-sponsored insurance dropped 12.8 percent over the past decade, while dropping 8.5 percent for workers ages 25 to 34.


Health Care Price Transparency:Meaningful Price Information Is Difficult for Consumers to Obtain Prior to Receiving Care

Nov 2011

This GAO report recommends that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services needs to determine the feasibility of doing more to make the costs of health care services available to consumers and determine the next steps it needs to take in this area.


The Promise of the ACA, the Practical Realities of Implementation: Maintaining Health Coverage During Life Transitions

Oct 2011

This report focuses on how to ensure seamless coverage for individuals and families who lose employer-based coverage because of a work or life transition.

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