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HR GPS-Essential Community Providers

Mar 2011

This brief by Health Reform GPS gives the background, key implementation dates, and key issues that surround essential community providers now that the Affordable Care Act has passed.


HR GPS-Medicaid and CHIP Maintenance of Effort Provisions Under the Affordable Care Act

Mar 2011

This brief gives a a summary of the changes the Affordable Care Act made to Medicaid and CHIP Maintenance of Effort Provisions. It outlines key implementation dates as well as key issues surrounding the subject.


HSC-State Variation in Primary Care Physician Supply: Implications for Health Reform Medicaid Expansions

Mar 2011

The objective of this study was to examine state variation in Medicaid primary care provider (PCP) supply. The study also looks at how state variation in Medicaid PCP supply will change after the Medicaid expansion begins in 2014.


Pew/Rockefeller-States’ Revenue Estimating: Cracks in the Crystal Ball

Mar 2011

This report studies revenue estimating errors made by states during economic downturns. The Pew Center on the States and The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government collaborated to conduct an analysis of 23 years of data on personal income, sales and corporate income tax estimates and collections. The results show that the states regularly misestimate revenue and that those errors are significantly greater during a recession. The long-term trend is that overestimates have gotten larger during each of the past three economic downturns, and more states have made them. This report discusses the causes of this trend and describes practices some states have adopted to achieve greater precision.


CU-An Advocate’s Guide to Health Insurance Rate Hikes: What You Can Do To Protect Individual Market Consumers

Mar 2011

A guide written by Consumers Union to answer key questions about insurance rate hikes.


NY-Patient-Centered MedicalHome Pilot Demonstrations in New York: No Longer a Leap of Faith

Mar 2011

This brief looks at efforts to pilot Patient-centered medical homes in eight regions of New York.


CMWF-Toward a Shared Vision of Payment Reform

Mar 2011

The white paper by Meredith Rosenthal, Ph.D., of the Harvard School of Public Health, reviews five presentations that were delivered at a conference on payment reform in the fall of 2010.


HA-Issues In Health Reform: How Changes In Eligibility May Move Millions Back And Forth Between Medicaid And Insurance Exchanges

Mar 2011

This Health Affairs article lays out the issues changes in eligibility may have on individuals whose incomes flucuate throughout the year.


CMWF-Health Insurance Exchanges: State Roles in Selecting Health Plans and Avoiding Adverse Selection

Mar 2011

The Commonwealth Fund's States in Action focuses on the role of the exchanges in selecting helath plans for inside the exhange while avoiding adverse selection.

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