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June 2013 St@teside

Increased Options for Consumers in State Insurance Exchanges

Wakely Consulting Group, with support from the State Network, prepared an issue brief, “Impact of National Health Reform and State-Based Exchanges on the Level of Competition in the Nongroup Market,” which analyzes health plan participation in 10 state-based exchanges. The brief provides an early indicator of the level of competition that market reforms and state-based exchanges are generating. In sum, carrier participation increased by 35 percent (52 to 70 issuers) when comparing the number of issuers applying to nongroup exchanges versus the number in the pre-reform base year. One of the objectives of the Affordable Care Act is to enhance competition through reform of the nongroup insurance market, including new market and rating rules and reliance on public health insurance exchanges. More health plans increases consumer choice, and encourages carriers to compete on both quality and cost of care.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation issued a press release on June 17, 2013 regarding this brief.