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January 2012 St@teside

Webinar: Simplified But Not Simple: Tackling Health Reform's Eligibility and Enrollment Challenge

Join State Refor(u)m and Maximizing Enrollment (MaxEnroll) for a free webinar February 9 at 2:30 p.m. EST on eligibility and enrollment systems. This webinar will size up state progress on updating eligibility systems and profile the strategies of three early adopters—Massachusetts, New York, and Oklahoma. Presenters will help states identify key decision points and how to get started on tackling challenges such as:

  • How to determine eligibility using a MAGI methodology and set eligibility system specifications to accommodate new rules
  • Who is in charge of eligibility decisions – Medicaid or the Exchange? States or counties?
  • How to work across programs to enable electronic data exchange to determine eligibility

Register for the webinar online at