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September 2010 St@teside

New State Quality Improvement Institute Report on Antitrust Issues


The State Quality Improvement Institute (SQII) announces the release of a new issue brief, “Navigating Antitrust Concerns in Multi-Payer Initiatives.”  SQII is an AcademyHealth project—supported by The Commonwealth Fund—that has worked with eight states to assist in delivery system reform efforts.  This issue brief examines the complex dynamics states face as they work with multiple payers to set common payment policies while remaining compliant with antitrust law.  The legal basis for how states can engage in such initiatives is explored, and the different approaches undertaken by two states (Pennsylvania and Maryland) are highlighted.

The issue brief is based on a web conference held in February 2010 by the SQII.  Presentation materials and a transcript are available on the SQII website.