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September 2010 St@teside

New Medicaid Directors Association Formed


The Board of Directors for the National Association of State Medicaid Directors (NASMD) voted recently to separate from the American Public Human Services Association and reconstitute as a new, independent organization called the National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD). The Board felt that this transition was necessary because of the ways Medicaid has been de-linked from welfare programs through policy changes over time – beginning with welfare reform and going forward under the Affordable Care Act.

The NAMD Board of Directors is in the process of establishing the new organization, including the hiring of staff and securing office space. They are working to manage this transition while remaining engaged in the national conversation around health reform. Members of the current Board of Directors are:


President:  Carol Steckel, Alabama

Vice-President:  Andy Allison, Kansas

Secretary/Treasurer:  Tony Marple, Maine

Immediate Past President:  Nancy Atkins, West Virginia


Toby Douglas, California

Pat Casanova, Indiana

Mike Nardone, Pennsylvania

Emma Forkner, South Carolina

Darin Gordon, Tennessee

Doug Porter, Washington

Miguel Negron-Rivera, Puerto Rico

Vacant Representative from Mid-West Region