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March 2010 St@teside

Federal Reform Enacted: Now Comes the Hard Part

With the passage of federal health reform, the U.S. will embark on a historic course for covering the uninsured.  On behalf of our team at the State Coverage Initiatives (SCI) program, we hope to join you in the journey of implementing health reform.  We know that a lot of hard work lies ahead for states as you will be taking a major role in implementing the core components laid out in the bill signed by President Obama on Tuesday.

One of our goals here at SCI is to focus our technical assistance on the implementation of exchanges and other insurance market reforms as defined in the final legislation. We know that the devil will certainly be in the details as states begin to develop plans to oversee the forthcoming insurance reforms. In the short run, we also hope to provide a quick focus on the temporary high risk pools as they will be the vehicles for covering the uninsured during the transition phase while the exchanges are being established.

We will continue to keep you posted regarding new resources and opportunities for technical assistance. In the meantime, please visit for resources on exchanges.

SCI offers no-cost, personalized technical assistance. If you have any technical assistance questions, or need help with your process moving forward, please contact us.

We look forward to working with you.