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September 2014 St@teside

Leveraging Multistate Collaboratives to Improve Care in Medicaid

Dr. Judy Zerzan, Medicaid Medical Director from Colorado, examines the benefits of multi-state quality improvement studies and illustrates their importance to decision-making in state Medicaid programs in a recently published eGEMs commentary. She and her co-authors note the many benefits of multi-state collaboratives or networks for states, including how they allow for the opportunity to learn from other states and experts about the practices and policies states have implemented without the significant time lag of published research. Read more in this new eGEMs publication, Importance of the Medicaid Medical Directors’ Multistate Collaborative for Improving Care in Medicaid.

This is the second article about the Medicaid Medical Directors' multi-state network quality improvement studies. The first article can be found here: Medicaid Medical Directors Quality Improvement Studies: A Case Study of Evolving Methods for a Research Network.