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September 2014 St@teside

Gearing Up for 2015 Open Enrollment


Marketplaces are gearing up for their second annual open enrollment, with the 2015 open enrollment period (OEP) set to begin on November 15, 2014. This year, Marketplaces not only have to focus on enrolling the remaining uninsured, but they also need to work through renewing coverage for consumers currently enrolled in plans through the Marketplace. Regardless of how Marketplaces have decided to approach renewals – whether they’re automatically reenrolling consumers or encouraging all consumers to shop again through the Marketplace  – how they message these options to consumers, as well as their coordination with consumer assistance entities (e.g., navigators, in-person assisters, certified application counselors, etc.), will prove critical to their success in the upcoming OEP.

Below is a short compilation of some resources that Marketplaces, the federal government, and other organizations have developed to train consumer assisters and improve upon marketing and outreach campaigns for 2014-2015.

Resources from State-Based Marketplaces
Covered California
Connect for Health Colorado:
Access Health CT
  • Resources from 2014 Enrollment Best Practices Conference
Your Health Idaho
Federal Resources
Other Resources