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Consumer Choice of Health Plan Decision Support Rules for Health Exchanges: Installments I and 2

Aug 2012

The Pacific Business Group on Health has released the second installment of decision support rules for health exchanges and a related data file to help states work with carriers to obtain the information necessary to inform high quality consumer decision support rules.


Call Center and Consumer Assistance Inventory and Road Map

Aug 2012

This report, produced for the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, profiles and compares four health-related consumer assistance call centers in Maryland to inform the Exchange’s decision making about development of a call center or leveraging with an existing one to meet the needs of consumers.



Countdown to 2014: Designing Navigator Programs to Meet the Needs of Consumers

Aug 2012

Georgetown University Health Policy Institute’s Center for Children and Families has produced a brief that provides an overview of the duties of navigators, training requirements, selection criteria and financing options. 


Benefit Standardization Study for the State of New York

Aug 2012

This report, produced by Wakely, describes the small group products available in New York today, how these products align to the requirements of the ACA, and presents options for consideration to standardize products within the Exchange.


Kentucky: Executive Order Establishes Health Insurance Exchange

Jul 2012

Kentucky joined New York and Rhode Island to become the third state to create an exchange through Executive Order on July 17. The Executive Order establishes the Office of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange, which will be housed in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.


State Health Insurance Exchange Laws: The First Generation

Jul 2012

This Commonwealth Fund issue brief analyzes the choices being made by the group of states that have already begun establishing exchanges, either through legislation or executive order.


Maryland Health Care Reform Simulation Model: Detailed Analysis and Methodology

Jul 2012

This Hilltop Institute at the University of Maryland report on the economic impact of health reform in Maryland found that the ACA will benefit the state’s budget by more than $600 million through 2020, generate more than $3 billion in annual economic activity, and create more than 26,000 jobs.


Establishing Health Insurance Exchanges: Three States’ Progress

Jul 2012

This Commonwealth brief outlines differences that stand out in California, Colorado, and Maryland's initial approaches to establishing health insurance exchange.


EHB Final Data Collection Rule

Jul 2012

The final rule outlines the data health plans must provide to determine whether they meet essential health benefit standards, and establishes a process for recognizing entities to certify qualified health plans.


Overview of Final Regulations on Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit

Jun 2012

This brief, prepared by Manatt Health Solutions, provides a walkthrough of the major takeaways from the tax regulations on the health insurance premium tax credits as well as expected future guidance.

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