Insurance Market Reform

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2012 Annual Rate Review Report

Sep 2012

The United States Department of Health and Human Services released a 2012 Annual Rate Review report highlighting that the ACA rate review and Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) provisions have saved an estimated $1 billion for consumers.


Implementing the Affordable Care Acts Insurance Reforms: Consumer Recommendations for Regulators and Lawmakers

Aug 2012

This report, prepared by a broad coalition of consumer representatives to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), provides consumer-focused recommendations to state and federal policymakers.


ACA Implementation Toolkit for Departments of Insurance

Aug 2012

This toolkit is designed to help departments of insurance work with Exchanges to determine appropriate roles and operationalize many of the plan management functions necessary to successfully implement an exchange. 


EHB Final Data Collection Rule

Jul 2012

The final rule outlines the data health plans must provide to determine whether they meet essential health benefit standards, and establishes a process for recognizing entities to certify qualified health plans.


Risk Adjustment and Reinsurance Under the ACA: New York State Recommendations

Jun 2012

This report by Wakely Consulting Group examines New York’s options and makes recommendations for its risk adjustment approach under health reform.


Protecting High-Risk, High-Cost Patients

Jun 2012

This report by the Urban Institute examines the health care reform law's ability to protect all individuals who purchase insurance through the small group and nongroup markets, especially those who have many health needs, and therefore high costs.


Multi-State Health Plans

Jun 2012

This summary from HealthReform GPS outlines issues around multi-state plans (MSPs) that will be offered on health insurance exchanges.


Bulletin on the Transitional Reinsurance Program

Jun 2012

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has issued a bulletin laying out how it will run the risk adjustment program in states that do not choose to run it themselves.


Proposed Rule on EHB Data and Plan Accreditation

Jun 2012

This proposed rule addresses what data health insurers must provide to enable regulators to set essential health benefit standards and outlines a process for accrediting qualified health plans.


New York Recommendations for Reinsurance and Risk Adjustment Under the ACA

May 2012

Presentations from New York's stakeholder meeting that reviewed recommendations from Wakely Consulting Group relating to risk adjustment and reinsurance mechanisms under the ACA and the state's key decisions in response.

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