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Proposed Wellness Program Incentive Rules Reflect Concerns Related to Discrimination Based on Health Status

Dec 2012

In this brief, Manatt Health Solutions examines joint rules proposed by the U.S. Departments of the Treasury, Labor, and Health and Human Services for wellness program incentive.


New York State Regional Advisory Committees

Sep 2012

New York State's Executive Order 42 requires the state's Health Benefit Exchange to convene regional advisory committees to provide advice and make recommendations.


Proposed Recommendations on Tax Savings and Tax Credits for Small Employers

Sep 2012

Minnesota's Health Insurance Exchange Small Employer and Employees Work Group has drafted proposed recommendations on the inclusion and interface of tax savings or tax credit programs for the small employer within the Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange.


Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange Planning Documents

Sep 2012

Minnesota's Plan Certification Work Group has recommended a proposed set of Qualified Health Plan (QHP) certification standards for the Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange.


Colorado Draft Essential Health Benefit Recommendation for Stakeholder Input

Sep 2012

On September 5, 2012, Colorado's Governor’s Office, the Department of Insurance, and the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange issued a preliminary recommendation that Kaiser Permanente, Colorado's largest small‐group health‐insurance plan, serve as the Essential Health Benefits benchmark plan. 


Continuity of Care Issues Between the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange and Maryland Medicaid

Sep 2012

Maryland’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene developed a white paper that outlines the continuity of care issues individuals will face as they transition between Medicaid and the Exchange.


Estimating the Change in Coverage in California with a Basic Health Program

Sep 2012

This memorandum, prepared at the request of the California Health Benefit Exchange, examines the impact of a Basic Health Program (BHP) on coverage in California.


California: Discussion Draft on Qualified Health Plan Policies and Strategies to Improve Care, Prevention and Affordability

Aug 2012

Preliminary recommendations from the California Health Benefit Exchange to the Board of Directors regarding provider networks within Qualified Health Plans (QHPs).


Call Center and Consumer Assistance Inventory and Road Map

Aug 2012

This report, produced for the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, profiles and compares four health-related consumer assistance call centers in Maryland to inform the Exchange’s decision making about development of a call center or leveraging with an existing one to meet the needs of consumers.



Kentucky: Executive Order Establishes Health Insurance Exchange

Jul 2012

Kentucky joined New York and Rhode Island to become the third state to create an exchange through Executive Order on July 17. The Executive Order establishes the Office of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange, which will be housed in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

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