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Premium Incentives to Drive Wellness in the Workplace: A Review of the Issues and Recommendations for Policymakers

Mar 2012

In this paper, Georgetown University researchers discuss the phenomenon of employers increasingly turning to workplace wellness initiatives to curb rising health care costs and the growing prevalence of chronic conditions.


Shared Decision Making: Advancing Patient-Centered Care Through State and Federal Implementation

Mar 2012

In this brief, the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP), reviewed the definition, process, and rationale for shared decision making (SDM), and the state roles in promoting SDM. The report highlights state legislative, regulatory, and other approaches in Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington as well as the implementation challenges, policy options states have pursued, and lessons from their experience using SDM.


Effective Education, Outreach, and Enrollment Approaches for Populations Newly Eligible for Health Coverage

Mar 2012

This toolkit is part of a series designed to share examples, templates, experiences, and lessons learned from Massachusetts’ implementation of health reform to help states plan, build, and implement elements of the Affordable Care Act.


The Role of the Basic Health Program in the Coverage Continuum: Opportunities, Risks, and Considerations for States

Mar 2012

This Kaiser Family Foundation brief, authored by Manatt Health Solutions, assesses the potential benefits and drawbacks to states from implementing a Basic Health Program under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


Building a Consumer-Oriented Health Insurance Exchange: Key Issues

Mar 2012

This National Academy for State Health Policy report outlines for states developing insurance exchanges, the three main areas where policy decisions have implications for consumers intersecting with the exchange.


Maryland Blueprint for Exchange Business Operations

Mar 2012

Wakely Consulting Group has created an overview of the business functions that must be established, the type of work that must be undertaken, and a relative timeline and chronological order for establishing Maryland's Health Benefit Exchange.


Reforming Medicaid Waivers: The Governors' Council Perspective on Federalism Today

Mar 2012

This Bipartisan Policy Center report contains a five-point plan for improving the process used by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to review state Medicaid waiver requests.


Implementing Behavioral Health Care Reform in New York's Medicaid Program

Mar 2012

This United Hospital Fund report examines the implementation of New York's Medicaid redesign, which will require participation in care management for beneficiaries receiving behavioral health services.


Key Issues to Consider for Outreach and Enrollment Issues under Health Reform

Mar 2012

This brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation's Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured (KCMU), based on a roundtable discussion with federal and state officials and experts, examines key issues related to outreach and enrollment efforts under the Affordable Care Act.


State Benefit Mandates and National Health Reform

Feb 2012

This policy analysis on the essential health benefits by the National Institute for Health Care Reform, found that states’ financial liability for mandates that exceed a minimum package of covered services,  is likely to be relatively small.

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