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Medicaid, SCHIP, & Federal Authority

  • Section 1115 Waiver – In 1995, Delaware received approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to implement the Diamond State Health Plan waiver. Under this waiver, Delaware implemented a statewide mandatory Medicaid managed care program and expanded eligibility to low-income individuals with incomes up to 100 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL). The waiver was renewed in 2007.


Dependent Coverage

  • Signed by the Governor in 2006, the state passed legislation (HB 446) that requires commercial health insurance to continue coverage for unmarried adult children with no dependents under a pre-existing family policy until those children turn 24 years of age, provided that the children either live in Delaware or are full-time students. There is an additional premium charge for the continued coverage if the parents opt to cover their dependents.


State Specific Strategies

  • The Delaware Community Healthcare Access Program (CHAP) - CHAP facilitates access to health care services for low-income uninsured individuals. CHAP screens individuals for Medicaid eligibility and, for those ineligible but with family income below 200 percent FPL, CHAP provides a volunteer or discounted primary care medical home, a statewide network of volunteer or discounted specialty services, discounted fee schedule labs and xrays, prescription assistance, and misc. other discounted allied health services. CHAP began in 2001 and as of January, 2008, nearly 15,000 people have been served by the program.  

    Delaware Cancer Treatment Program - In May 2004, Delaware created and funded a program to pay for treatment for the uninsured diagnosed with cancer. The state-funded program, administered by the Delaware Division of Social Services, provides treatment for uninsured individuals up to 650 percent FPL who meet certain eligibility criteria.