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March 2013 St@teside

State Exchange Legislation Updates

Minnesota passed its exchange legislation, which establishes the Minnesota Insurance Marketplace, branded as MNsure.  Governor Mark Dayton signed the bill on March 20. The legislation also specified that the Exchange’s seven-member board will be permitted to act as an active purchaser beginning in 2015. The Exchange will be funded by a 1.5 percent premium withhold in 2014 and up to a 3.5 percent premium withhold beginning in 2015.
New Mexico also passed state-based exchange legislation, which establishes the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange; it is currently on the governor’s desk waiting to be signed.  The legislation creates the exchange as a nonprofit public corporation with a 13-member board appointed by the governor and the legislature. The legislation also creates a Native American service center to ensure the exchange is accessible to Native Americans.