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April 2011 St@teside

California Health Benefit Exchange Holds First Board Meeting

California, which passed its exchange legislation last fall, held its first board meeting on April 20. Meeting highlights include:

  • Electing Secretary of Health and Human Services Diana Dooley as Interim Chair of the Board;
  • Voting to apply for a Level II Federal Exchange Establishment Grant, with a goal of submitting on or before a September 30, 2011 submission date;
  • Creating a subcommittee to work with staff on the grant application, and to appoint Kim Belshe, the former Secretary of Health and Human Services to that subcommittee, with room for an additional appointment;
  • Holding a closed session to address duties for Interim Administrative Officer to perform administrative duties until the search for an Executive Office is complete; and
  • Establishing a Search and Recruitment subcommittee.

To view additional meeting materials, please click here.