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July 2010 St@teside

SCI Releases Exchange Timeline

State Coverage Initiatives is releasing “Health Benefit Exchanges: An Implementation Timeline for State Policymakers,” which is a valuable resource for states as they plan for exchanges under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). For state officials who have found the requirements, grants programs, and policy choices related to exchanges to be overwhelming, SCI has worked with experts in the field to develop a timeline that breaks down the many tasks that will fall to states into an easy-to-digest to-do list. Accompanying the timeline is a Gantt chart that visually highlights the major implementation tasks to be undertaken through 2014.  
The resource reflects the experience of Jon Kingsdale and Patrick Holland, who worked to implement the Health Connector in Massachusetts. It also incorporates guidance from PPACA, plus lessons from preliminary efforts in other states that have begun to plan for their exchanges.
The exchange timeline is one more SCI publication in a series of issue briefs and technical assistance related to exchanges. These include:Preparing for Health Reform: The Role of the Health Insurance Exchange,” andState Implementation of National Health Reform: Harnessing Federal Resources to Meet State Policy Goals.”

SCI also offers no-cost technical assistance to states on health insurance exchanges. SCI may also be able to assist states in the development of their exchange grant applications to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services due on September 1, 2010. To submit a technical assistance request form, please click here.