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September 2009 St@teside

SCI Hosts All-Payer Claims Database Meeting

In conjunction with the National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO) and the Commonwealth Fund, State Coverage Initiatives (SCI) will be hosting a technical assistance meeting on the use of all-payer claims databases (APCD) on October 14, 2009.  The one day meeting will bring together a number of experts with participants from 32 states to discuss the policy and political issues related to developing an all-payer claims database and the "nuts and bolts" of implementation.

Nine states have already implemented APCDs and several others are considering the move.  The databases can help states and private payers as they set payment policy and compare the relative cost and quality of various health care providers.  The data compiled can be used to help consumers select high-value providers, and it can serve as a tool for communities and public health officials seeking to identify disease trends and patterns.  Meeting panelists will talk about these uses for APCDs and more. 

States in New England have paved the way for others by working out many of the technical aspects of setting up an APCD.  New states will have the opportunity to benefit from their experience.  In addition to learning about the technical challenges and issues, meeting participants will hear from states that have successfully made the political case to stakeholders and legislators. 

Due to a high response from states, scholarships are no longer available to attend the meeting. Following the meeting, all slide presentations and background material will be posted on the SCI website at