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February 2009

Tennessee Governor Announces Eligibility Expansion for CoverTN

In January, Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen announced that eligibility limits for the CoverTN program in 2009 were increasing from $43,000 to $55,000 per year. CoverTN is a limited benefit health coverage program designed to increase access to health care for low-wage workers who were previously uninsured. Under the new limits, workers can access the program through their employer if half of the firm’s workforce earns $55,000 or less or the worker can purchase coverage through the program directly if they earn below $55,000. Recently unemployed workers can also enroll the program.

This announcement follows news last fall that in 2009 premiums would not increase, benefits would be expanded, and the program would be opened to recently unemployed workers.  For a full description of these changes, click here.

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