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May 2008

SCI’s Reinsurance Institute Issues Final Report

In 2006, The State Coverage Initiatives (SCI) program offered a new technical assistance product called the Reinsurance Institute. Bringing states together that were seriously considering the development and design of a state public reinsurance program as a strategy to expand coverage, the Reinsurance Institute was focused on creating a network of states interested in exchanging knowledge about this strategy. The Institute was also designed to build a population-based microsimulation model to estimate the benefits and costs of reinsurance and also to provide qualitative technical assistance.

A new report highlights the lessons learned during the Reinsurance Institute and in particular, provides analysis on the reinsurance modeling and lessons learned from state-specific work with Washington, Rhode Island and Wisconsin. These states received in-depth technical assistance from SCI’s consultant partner, the Urban Institute, on how a reinsurance strategy might work in their individual state. The modeling was designed to answer questions about costs, take up, and the overall impact of a publicly-subsidized reinsurance program.

Please click here to access the new Reinsurance publication and its companion report on microsimulation, as well as all of SCI’s publications.