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September 2008

Welcome to State Coverage Initiatives St@teside E-newsletter

Welcome to the St@teside e-newsletter! St@teside is the monthly newsletter of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s State Coverage Initiatives program, which works with states to plan, execute, and maintain health insurance expansions, as well as to improve the availability and affordability of health care coverage.

We thought you would be interested in receiving information regarding important updates on educational and networking events for state policymakers, grants and technical assistance opportunities, new developments that affect state health reform, and other reports of interest.

St@teside is a free newsletter written for state policymakers and researchers, students, policy analysts, and experts working to address challenges facing states’ efforts to expand coverage and reform the health care system. We hope you find this issue useful, and encourage you to pass along copies to your colleagues and contacts.

If you would like to unsubscribe, simply return to the email message you originally received from us and select the ‘click here to unsubscribe’ option on the bottom left side of that page.