Virginia State Specific Strategies

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Indigent Health Care Trust Fund - The Virginia General Assembly created the Indigent Health Care Trust Fund in 1989 as a public-private partnership involving the state government and private acute care hospitals.  The purpose of the fund is to help offset some of the charity care provided by Virginia’s private acute care hospitals. Capped at an annual appropriation, the fund reimburses hospitals for the cost of charity care provided to any person whose annual family income is equal or less than 100 percent FPL.

State and Local Hospitalization Program (SLH) - SLH provides funding for hospital costs incurred by indigent persons.  It differs from the Trust Fund because while the Trust Fund reimburses hospitals based upon an overall amount of charity care provided by each hospital, the SLH program is “claims-based” – specific claims incurred by eligible indigent persons are approved for payment. Subject to the annual appropriation, SLH assistance is available for hospital care provided to persons who are not eligible for full coverage under Medicaid with incomes at or below 100 percent FPL.