New York State Specific Strategies

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In August 2007, the state approved the budget for an expansion of Child Health Plus (CHPlus) to children in families with incomes up to 400 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) - the previous eligibility level was 250 percent FPL.  Federal matching funds for the CHPlus expansion was denied by CMS on the basis of the “August 17 directive,” which stated that the federal government would not provide matching funds for expanding coverage to children unless certain criteria were met.  New York was deemed out of compliance.  In April, 2008 the New York governor signed legislation to expand CHPlus up to 400 percent of FPL using state funds.  That expansion took effect September 1, 2008.  Children receive free coverage up to 160 percent of FPL, then there are monthly premiums assessed on a sliding scale basis up to 400 percent of FPL. Families with incomes higher than 400 percent can then buy into the program at full cost.