New Mexico HRP

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The New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool  became operational in 1988 and is financed by premiums and assessments to insurers. High-risk individuals previously rejected by commercial carriers, those having received a rate increase or rate quote exceeding certain limits based on health status, those who have specific pre-existing conditions, or who have received notice of a rider, waiver, or restrictive provision are eligible to participate. The premium cap is set at 140 percent of the standard risk rate.  New Mexico operates a 75 percent premium subsidy for recipients who earn between 0 percent and 200 percent FPL and a 50 percent premium reduction for recipients between 200 percent FPL and 399 percent FPL.  The subsidy program is called the Low Income Premium Program (LIPP).  At the end of January 2008, over 5,000 persons were enrolled in the Pool.