Minnesota State Specific Strategies

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MinnesotaCare - In 1992, MinnesotaCare was established to provide health coverage to the growing number of uninsured via a risk-based managed care delivery system.  It is funded through a tax on health care providers and enrollee premiums.  Since 1995 a portion of MinnesotaCare has also been funded with federal Medicaid funds for some eligible individuals, and since 2001 with SCHIP funds, under the 1115 waivers described above.  There have been several expansions in eligibility over the years.   The program currently enrolls families with children up to 275 percent FPL under Medicaid and childless adults up to 200 percent of FPL without federal funding.

GAMC – GAMC is a state-funded (general fund) health care program for low-income adults, ages 21 through 64, who have no dependent children under age 18 and who do not qualify for federal health care programs.  There are two levels of covered services. Adults with income at or below 75 percent of the FPL and assets within $1,000 per household may qualify for the comprehensive benefit package that includes doctor visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, eye exams, eye glasses, dental care and more.  Adults with incomes above 75 but at or below 175 percent of the FPL and assets within $10,000 for a household of 1 or $20,000 for a married couple may qualify for GAMC-Hospital Only, which provides inpatient hospital coverage, including physician services during hospitalization.

Effective July 1, 2009 eligibility for this program will extend to 250 percent of FPL for childless adults.

Health Care Coverage for non-citizens –
Minnesota has state-funded MA and MinnesotaCare “look-alike” programs for individuals and families who meet all eligibility requirements for MA or MinnesotaCare, but who are not qualified for federal health care programs solely due to their immigrations status.  The MA state-funded program is paid with general funds, and the MinnesotaCare state-funded program is paid out of the Health Care Access Fund.