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November/December 2014 St@teside

Lessons Learned from Successful Payment and Delivery System Reform Implementation

In October 2014, a group of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grantees, including those from the Payment Reform Grantees project, State Health Value and Strategies, and Aligning Forces for Quality, convened with experts from around the country to share lessons and insights from successful implementation of payment and delivery system reform initiatives. The meeting also offered a sneak peek into what is on the horizon for delivery system transformation, exploring innovative initiatives that are pushing the boundaries of the field.

The meeting explored a wide-range of topics from behavioral health and primary care integration to distributing the payment underneath the payment to addressing the social determinants of health, and provided the perspectives of providers, payers, and independent multi-stakeholder conveners. The meeting also shared an in-depth look into the work several states have been implementing to reform their payment and delivery systems, including Arkansas’s episodes of care, Minnesota’s safety net ACOs experience, and Maryland’s global waiver program.

All presentations from the meeting are available on AcademyHealth’s website, and additional payment reform resources can be found here.