Insurance Exchanges

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KFF-The New Rules for Determining Income Under Medicaid in 2014

Jun 2011

An issue brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation explains the new rules governing the way that states determine eligibility for Medicaid and CHIP under health reform, and specifically the changes in how income and household size are defined in order to determine eligibility for those programs as well as for the Exchange premium credits.


RWJF-Implementing a Successful Public Education & Marketing Campaign to Promote State Health Insurance Exchanges

Jun 2011

The latest in a series on implementing health insurance exchanges provides state officials with valuable information and resources on implementing a successful public education and marketing campaign to promote enrollment in exchanges.


ECC-ACA's Effects on Maintaining Health Coverage and Jobs: A Review of the Health Care Law's Regulatory Burden-Hearing

Jun 2011

The Subcommittee on Health has scheduled a hearing on Thursday, June 2, 2011. The hearing is entitled “PPACA’s Effects on Maintaining Health Coverage and Jobs: A Review of the Health Care Law’s Regulatory Burden.”


UT-2010 Uninsurance Estimates

Jun 2011

The Utah Department of Health released 2010 uninsurance estimates showing that 10.6 percent of the state’s population lacked health insurance coverage.


NYSHF/UHF-Coordinating Medicaid and the Exchange in New York State

Jun 2011

To achieve seamlessness between Medicaid and the state health benefit exchange, the author has outlined five key areas that state policymakers need to coordinate when setting up New York's exchange.


NAIC-Health Insurance Exchanges Under The Affordable Care Act: Governance Options And Issues-Draft

Jun 2011

This paper outlines options for exchange governance, such as an exchange’s location relative to state insurance regulators and other state agencies; an exchange’s operation and legal structure; and ensuring exchange accountability.


CMWF-State-Based Coverage Solutions: The California Health Benefit Exchange

Jun 2011

This brief examines California's health benefit exchange establishment decisions, which can provide a roadmap for other states as they set up their exchanges.


IL-Exchange Legislation

Jul 2011

Illinois is the 10th state to authorize a state health benefit exchange.


VT-Exchange Advisory Board Meetings

May 2011

Minutes and documents from Vermont's Exchange Advisory Group Board meetings.


NY-Public Forums on the Health Insurance Exchanges

May 2011

Testimonies and presentations from public forums held in New York state on the creation of a state health benefit exchange.

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