Insurance Exchanges

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State Health Insurance Exchanges and Children’s Coverage: Issues for State Design Decisions

Sep 2011

This report highlights the various exchange design issues that could impact how children obtain and retain health insurance in 2014.


Analysis of HHS Proposed Rules On Reinsurance, Risk Corridors And Risk Adjustment

Sep 2011

The summary of the proposed rules on Reinsurance, Risk Corridors and Risk Adjustment, as well as the authors’ analysis of their implications, is meant for policy-makers and state officials familiar with these complex issues.


Ten Considerations for States in Linking Medicaid and the Health Benefit Exchanges

Sep 2011

This brief looks at the opportunities for linkages between public and private coverage, explaining that such linkages should seek to streamline administration across programs and facilitate seamless transitions between programs for individuals.


HHS Proposed Rules on Exchange Implementation Requirements

Sep 2011

This brief discusses the regulations and commentary that clarify the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or provides new insight into the collective thinking dominating the discussion on exchanges.


Exchange, Medicaid and IRS Proposed Regulation Summaries

Sep 2011

A report from the State Health Reform Assistance Network, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, that analyzes three federal draft regulations.


Individual Mandate and Related Information Requirements Under PPACA

Aug 2011

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) released a report detailing how the individual mandate, a provision in the federal health reform law, will work when it takes effect in 2014.


When Unemployed Means Uninsured: The Toll of Job Loss on Health Coverage, and How the Affordable Care Act Will Help

Aug 2011

The Commonwealth Fund report  shows the unemployed are skipping out on important medical services and recommends Congress extend COBRA subsidies through 2014.


Mississippi Level One Establishment Grant Narrative

Aug 2011

Mississippi Level One Establishment Grant narrative


Impact of the ACA on New Jersey

Aug 2011

The Rutgers Center for State Health Policy released four reports that estimate the impact of the Affordable Care Act on insurance eligibility and enrollment, and address stakeholder view regarding design of the exchange.

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