Strategic Planning & Timelines

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Government Spending for Health Entitlement Programs

Jun 2012

This data brief closely examines the budgetary implications of government spending on health entitlement programs.


Toolkit on Coordinating Health Reform and Human Services

Jun 2012

This toolkit from the Center on Budget a Policy Priorities is designed to help states think about leveraging resources across human service programs throughout health reform implementation.


U.S. Health Care Spending: The Big Picture

May 2012

This data brief is the first in a series that pulls together the most current data available from multiple sources to provide an overview of national health spending.


Developing an Evaluation Framework for the Affordable Care Act

May 2012

Selected presentations from a State Health Reform Assistance Network sponsored a Small Group Convening in Minneapolis, Minnesota from April 30- May 1, 2012.


The Cost of Failure to Enact Health Reform: 2010 - 2020

May 2012

This report assesses the changes in coverage patterns and health care costs that will occur nationally if major reforms are not enacted.


State Revenue Report

May 2012

According to the Rockefeller Institute research and Census Bureau data, states’ tax collections grew for the eighth straight quarter at the end of 2011.


ACA Implementation—Monitoring and Tracking Series: Colorado and New York

Apr 2012

These are the fourth and fifth state-specific reports, in a series of ten, from the Urban Institute to track and monitor the implementation process and effects of the ACA. These reports look at the progress underway in Colorado and New York.


State Milestones for ACA Implementation

Apr 2012

This brief identifies critical Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation milestones for states to achieve by the end of 2012.


Predicting the Effects of the Affordable Care Act

Apr 2012

This brief explains the basics of microsimulation modeling so that state policymakers and analysts are able to secure the optimal model for their needs.


Health Care Costs and Spending in Massachusetts: A Review of the Evidence

Mar 2012

This chart pack pulls together many of the major findings and analyses from recent state and national research efforts on Massachusetts health care spending.

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