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Choosing the "Best" Plan in a Health Insurance Exchange: Actuarial Value Tells Only Part of the Story

Sep 2012

This Commonwealth Fund analysis illustrates the out-of-pocket costs that might result from health insurance plans with various plan designs and actuarial values.


State Policymakers' Guide for Advancing Health Equity through Health Reform Implementation

Aug 2012

This report synthesizes the experiences of teams from seven states (Arkansas, Connecticut, Hawaii, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, and Virginia) that participated in a learning collaborative to advance health equity using select ACA and state policy levers.


Implementing the Affordable Care Acts Insurance Reforms: Consumer Recommendations for Regulators and Lawmakers

Aug 2012

This report, prepared by a broad coalition of consumer representatives to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), provides consumer-focused recommendations to state and federal policymakers.


Building on a Solid Foundation: Leveraging Current Programs and Infrastructure in Navigator Program Development

Aug 2012

This report, prepared by the National Academy for State Health Policy, highlights the progress of six states on their initial Exchange navigator program development.


ACA Implementation Toolkit for Departments of Insurance

Aug 2012

This toolkit is designed to help departments of insurance work with Exchanges to determine appropriate roles and operationalize many of the plan management functions necessary to successfully implement an exchange. 


Opting in to the Medicaid Expansion under the ACA: Who Are the Uninsured Adults Who Could Gain Health Insurance Coverage?

Aug 2012

This Urban analysis suggests that the approximately 15.1 million uninsured adults who could gain coverage under the ACA Medicaid expansion are a diverse group in terms of their age and race/ethnicity.


Considerations in Assessing State-Specific Fiscal Effects of the ACA's Medicaid Expansion

Aug 2012

This Urban Insitute report discusses factors states could consider as they analyze the fiscal losses and gains that would result from implementing the Medicaid expansion option under the Affordable Care Act.


Planning for Medicaid Expansion: An Online Toolkit

Aug 2012

The Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) has collected and created a number of tools and resources to help states design programs to address the needs of the Medicaid expansion population.


SHAP Report on the Modernization of State Medicaid Eligibility Systems

Aug 2012

This report, produced as part of the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) State Health Access Program (SHAP), presents findings from a survey of state Medicaid Directors regarding plans for, and progress toward, upgrading Medicaid eligibility systems in light of national health reform. 


Predicting the Health Insurance Coverage Impacts of Complex Policy Changes: A New Tool for States

Aug 2012

This brief, prepared by State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC), overviews the SHADAC Projection Model, a  spreadsheet model that states can use to estimate the impacts of policy changes on health insurance coverage.

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