Technical Assistance

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On behalf of our team at the SCI program, we hope to join you in the journey of implementing health reform. We know that a lot of hard work lies ahead for states as they will be taking a major role in implementing the core components laid out in PPACA. One of our primary goals is to focus our technical assistance on the implementation of exchanges and other insurance market reforms as defined in PPACA. SCI offers no cost, personalized assistance to help your state implement health reform. 

Though we are just as familiar as you are with the adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” we really are dedicated to providing you with the staff and/or financial support to:

  • Answer questions and provide information on an ongoing basis.
  • Bring state leaders together to exchange ideas and learn more about specific health care reform issues.
  • Consult with experts covering a broad range of relevant topics to help you on projects.
  • Organize meetings with state policymakers and health care leaders to brainstorm strategies and techniques for health care reform, highlight current trends and cutting-edge strategies.
  • Provide testimony for legislative hearings or presentations at state meetings.
  • Design and conduct policy retreats for state officials and other stakeholders.
  • Produce publications, including technical manuals and issue briefs.
Assistance may be offered directly by staff members or by the many outside consultants with whom we have strong relations. Technical assistance may be provided in person, by electronic media such as telephone, video, or e-mail.
Please note:  While we may not be able to help in all situations due to time or resource limitations, we will do our very best to meet your needs.
To learn more about how SCI can help you, contact Kyla Hoskins at (202) 292-6731 or

To make a technical assistance request, click here.