SCI Reinsurance Institute

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In 2006, The State Coverage Initiatives (SCI) program offered a new technical assistance product called the Reinsurance Institute. The Reinsurance Institute brought states together that are seriously considering the development and design of a state public reinsurance program as a strategy to expand coverage. One of the main objectives of the Reinsurance Institute was to create a network of interested states that can exchange knowledge about this strategy.

On September 12, 2006, the Reinsurance Institute began with a meeting in Albany, New York. The meeting brought together 16 states and the District of Columbia and featured national experts from AcademyHealth, the Urban Institute, and Harvard University. The meeting began with New York state officials who discussed the Healthy NY program and features of New York State that facilitated the adoption of a state public reinsurance program.
Phase 2: In-Depth State Consultations
Following the Kick-Off meeting, states had the opportunity to apply for additional resources. These additional resources include access to the technical expertise of a consultant to model how a reinsurance strategy might work in individual states. Washington,Rhode Island and Wisconsin received in-depth assistance from our consultant partner to develop that state-specific analysis. The modeling was designed to answer questions about costs, take up, and the overall impact of a publicly-subsidized reinsurance program.
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Final Reinsurance Institute Consultation
In July 2007, those states who had attended the initial Small Group Consultation reconvened to review the analysis and findings of the Reinsurance Institute. The meeting featured presentations from the Urban Institute, Washington, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. Information related to the reinsurance modeling and lessons learned from the state-specific in-depth analysis was shared with attending states. A final report based on the lessons learned during the course of the Institute assisted states who may consider a similar coverage strategy in the future.




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